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HWC645C-1020 Honeywell (C645C1020) Pressure Limit Switch .6 to 5.3 inchesW.C. with indicator

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Product #: C645C-1020
Product Name: Honeywell Pressure Limit Switch
Description: Positive- or differential-pressure limit controls. SPDT microswitch, auto recycle .6 to 5.3 inches W.C. air, applications only with indicator.

SPDT diaphragm operated snap-acting Micro Switch mechanism. C645E models for use with only distillate fuel; not with natural or LP gases.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. MP2168, Guide No. MFHX.
Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR1620 Guide No. 140-A-2.
Factory Mutual Approved: Report Nos. 19268, 13233-S3.
Industrial Risk Insurers Acceptable.

TEMPERATURE RATINGS: -20 F to 125 F (-32 C to 52 C).

1/4 in. NPT female for main or high pressure.
1/8 in. NPT female for venting or low pressure.

112657A Mounting Bracket Assembly - C645C. (Includes screws for attaching bracket to C645 only.)
137637B Cover with window - C845A.
137637C Cover with window - C645B.
14026 Siphon Loop.
15865AC Mounting Bracket Assembly - C645A, B, D.

C645A, B also Underwriters Laboratories Inc. approved for distillate fuel oil, (No. 1,2 oil) applications. For oil, use 14026 Siphon Loop.
Includes switch position indicator.
Device does not include window.
Pricing Information:
Unit Price: $137.96
Package Type: Each
Units Per Package: 1
Product Details:
-: Positive- or differential-pressure limit controls.
Application: Air
Scale Range: 0.6 to 5.3 in. water, 0.1 to 1.3 kPa
Includes: Auto. Recycle and Cover Window
Differential Nominal: 0.2 in. water, 0.05 kPa
Differential Maximum: 0.8 in. water, 0.2 kPa
Switch Action (On Press. Fall): Breaks
Sustained Pressure: 1.5 psi, 10.3 kPa
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Trade Name: Honeywell
Trade Name Type: Registered Trademark

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