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HWC645B-1013 Honeywell (C645B1013) Pressure Limit Switch 3-21 inches W.C. with indicator

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Product #: C645B-1013
Product Name: Honeywell High Pressure Limit Switch
Description: Positive- or differential-pressure limit controls. For natural or LP gas or air, Spdt microswitch, manual reset, locks out on pressure rise, 3-21 inches W.C. with indicator, FM approved.

SPDT diaphragm operated snap-acting Micro Switch mechanism. C645E models for use with only distillate fuel; not with natural or LP gases.

Underwriters Laboratories Inc. Listed: File No. MP2168, Guide No. MFHX.
Canadian Standards Association Certified: File No. LR1620, Guide No. 140-A-2.
Factory Mutual Approved: Report Nos. 19268, 13233-S3.
Industrial Risk Insurers Acceptable.

TEMPERATURE RATINGS: -20 F to 125 F (-32 C to 52 C).

1/4 in. NPT female for main or high pressure.
1/8 in. NPT female for venting or low pressure.

112657A Mounting Bracket Assembly - C645C. (Includes screws for attaching bracket to C645 only.)
137637B Cover with window - C845A.
137637C Cover with window - C645B.
14026 Siphon Loop.
15865AC Mounting Bracket Assembly - C645A, B, D.

C645A, B also Underwriters Laboratories Inc. approved for distillate fuel oil (No. 1,2 oil) applications. For oil, use 14026 Siphon Loop.
Includes switch position indicator.
Locks out when pressure rises to set point; can be reset manually after pressure falls to set point minus differential.
Pricing Information:
Unit Price: $127.74
Package Type: Each
Units Per Package: 1
Product Details:
-: Positive- or differential-pressure limit controls.
Application: Nat. or LP Gas or Air
Scale Range: 3.0 to 21.0 in. water, 0.7 to 5.2 kPa
Includes: Man. Reset and Cover Window
Differential Nominal: 1.0 in. water, 0.2 kPa
Differential Maximum: 3.0 in. water, 0.7 kPa
Switch Action (On Press. Fall): Makes
Sustained Pressure: 5.0 psi, 34.5 kPa
Minimum Order Quantity: 1
Trade Name: Honeywell
Trade Name Type: Registered Trademark

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