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Ametek M and G Type HL series hydraulic
Ametek M and G Type HL series hydraulic SKU: HL
Description and Specs
The HydraLite Hydraulic Deadweight Tester is a primary standard
that features a re-entrant type measuring piston and cylinder assembly
that helps maintain accuracy as the test pressure increases.
The HL Series tester is designed for rapid interchanging between
high and low pistons and is NIST traceable and accurate to ±0.05%
using non-magnetic die-cast alloy or aluminum weights calibrated
to international standard gravity at 9.80665 m/s2. A compact screw
pump with ratchet handle is easy-to-use. The unit is also available
as a deadweight gauge for accurate measurements and use as a
comparison standard.

Presure Range
100 to 22,500 kPa (10 to 3,000 psi)

to ±0.05% of Indicated Reading

Available units
psi, kg/cm2, bar, kPa

Interchangeable Weights
Models are available with dual piston/cylinder assemblies that utilize one weight set.

Compact Design and Portability
The HydraLite is designed for use in the field and is completely self-contained within the cover of the unit.

Includes Compact Screw Pump with Ratchet Handle

The tester models are supplied with a convenient screwpump as a pressure source. This pump has a ratchet feature that prevents the unit from depressurizing unexpectedly.

The gauge model can be retrofitted with the pump as an accessory.

Overhung Weight Carrier Reduces side thrust and friction on the measuring piston and cylinder assembly, thus improving measurement accuracy

Positive Over-pressure Protection Prevents Piston Damage

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