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Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Comarator 1327D
Ashcroft Pressure Gauge Comarator 1327D SKU: 1327D, 1327DG
Description and Specs
The Ashcroft® 1327D is available with between one and four Ashcroft® gauges covering the operating range of 0 through 10,000 psi. Metric range models are also available.
The 1327DG is provided with 4.5\" Ashcroft® Type 1082 test gauges. These gauges provide an accuracy of ±0.25% F.S. The Ashcroft® test gauges include temperature compensation and have maximum thermal error of 0.005% F. S. per degree F.
Ashcroft Types 1327CM and 1327D are ideally suited for use as in-field pressure standards. Both come with temperature-compensated gauges, further enhancing their field worthiness. A single carrying case holds everything needed to take full advantage of the capabilities of the test set. Psi and metric ranges are available for either system. Both systems are traceable to NIST with the 1327CM provided with calibration certificates for each gauge selected.

Standard Features

* Operating Pressure: 0-10,000 psi (maximum) (0-70,000 kPa)
* Operating Media;
o Standard: SAE 20 weight automotive or machine oil
o Optional: Phosphate-based or glycol fluids; distilled water for oxygen service
* O-ring Material:
o Standard: Buna N (D series)
o Optional: Ethylene Propylene (DH series)
* Reservoir Volume: Approximately 1.5 pints (0.7 liter)

Specifications Type 1327DG

* Accuracy: ±0.25% F.S.
* Gauge Type: Ashcroft® 4.5\" Type 1082 gauges with temperature compensation
* Special \"CD-4\" Certification package available (see Price Sheet TE/PS-1)

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