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NoShok 800 Series Precision Test Gauges NS-800
NoShok 800 Series Precision Test Gauges SKU:NS-G-800
Price: Starting at $676.37
Description and Specs
NoShok offers a precision Test Gauge to meet your needs. The 800 Series Test gauge is built with brass internals and calibrated to your requirements.

Features and Benifits
  • Meets the specification of ASME Standard B40.1 Grade 3A
  • Ranges available vacuum through 20,000 psi
  • +/-0.25% accuracy to 100% of dial range on rising or falling pressure
  • 6 inch size - bottom connected
  • Adjustable knife-edge pointer and mirrored dial eliminate parallax error*
  • Brass or 316 Stainless steel wetted parts
  • Safety blow-out disc on the rear case is standard
  • Instrument glass lens and 304 Stainless steel case
  • Jeweled brass and nickel silver bearings and movement
  • Panel mountable, optional carrying case
*The difference in apparent direction of an object as seen from two different points not on a straight line with the object NoShok 800 Series Precision Test Gauges

NoshoK Gauge Installation and Technical Manual: Click Here

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