Head and Block Style Spring Loaded Thermocouple

TG75T0163U15DB420 Thermocouple

Our TG75T0163U15DB420 Thermocouple is used to get a snug fit in thermowells. Allowing you to make sure your getting full and complete contact with the end of the well.

TG75T0163U15DB420 thermocoupleTG75T0163U15DB420 thermocouple detail
Our Model: TG75T0163U15DB420 Thermocouple. Used to check temperatures in locations where exact readings are key, often in conjunction with a thermowell. Our unique spring loaded design allows for you to get a snug fit within a well while keeping the thermocouple away from the process. Available with or without an Oil Seal.

Type: T (available in all other types)
Style: General (MgO style available upon request)
Junction: Ungrounded
Sheath: 316 Stainless Steel
Head Block: 0.5"x0.75"; Aluminum
Optional Fitting Requirements: Spring Loaded with or without Oil Seal

We can customize this design to meet your specifications, just mention this in email or over the phone and we can help you from there!

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