Internet SPECIAL Type TX 20 AWG Extension Grade Wire PVC Singles, PVC Overall 1000 Reel

Wire TX s

Type TX 20 AWG Insulated Wire Color Code: Positive, Blue (Copper); Negative, Red, (Constantan); Overall Blue Parallel Duplex Construction

Type TX-20-PP

PVC Insulated Extension Wire 

Color Code: Positive, Blue  (Copper);  Negative, Red, (Constantan)

 Overall: Blue




Product Specifications



Solid 20 AWG extension grade wire

per ASTM E230 & ANSI MC96.1


 Polyvinyl Chloride Singles Polyvinyl Chloride, Overall


  Single pair cables, parallel construction.

Operating Temperature:

Up  to 220ºF

Limits of Error

Conforms to ASTM E230, IEC 584 and ANSI MC 96.1

Color Code:

Conforms to ASTM E230 and ANSI MC 96.1

 (International Color Codes Available)


Limited to Quantities in Stock!



  • Temperature Sensors
  • Power Plants
  • Cryogenics
  • Petrochemical Plants
  • FDA Approved...Applications
  • Composites

  • Aerospace

  • Foundries

  • Kilns

  • Please see the Product Specifications for more detail.

  • All Extension Grade Wire rated at 400F except TX and BX which are rated at 212F

  • The products referenced in the product specifications represent the most popular constructions. Other constructions can be manufactured to meet individual

  • Thermocouple material is normally supplied to meet tolerances above 0C (32F). If material is required to meet tolerances below 0C (32F), the purchase order must so state. Special selection of material is required. Suggested initial calibration tolerance. Requirements should be discussed between purchaser and supplier.

  • If you have a need for any size reel of wire, please give IPS a call. We'll be happy to supply it for you.


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