Trans-P Series TM OEM heavy Duty Transmitters


TM Series OEM Pressure Transmitters, Reliable, Economical 0.5% accuracy, 4-20 mA or voltage output, All stainless steel body and wetted parts.


• Reliable, Economical,  0.5% Accuracy

• All-stainless welded body and wetted parts

• 4-20 mA or Voltage output

• Very low to very high Pressure Ranges.

• Compatible with Reotemp DM series Digital Indicators

• Shock-proof and High Overrange Protection


Hydraulics, refrigeration, robotics, machine controls; industrial

or OEM applications where performance, reliability, and value are needed.

TM  series transmitters are compatible with Reotemp DM series digital indicators (p.9). Each Reotemp transmitter is inspected and calibrated prior to shipment, to ensure it is 100% "Readyt o-Go" right out of the box!

Specifications: (Also see General specs)

Output Signal: 4-20 mA, 2 wire (std)  0 - 10 VDC (3 wire)

Pressure Ranges: Vacuum, compound, pressure to 15000PSI; gauge and absolute

Proof Pressure:

0-15 thru 0-150PSI: 3.5 x range

0-200 thru 0-6000PSI: 2 x range

0-7500 thru 0-15,000PSI: 1.5 x range

Burst Pressure:

0-15 thru 0-150PSI: 5 x range

0-200 thru 0-6000PSI: 5 x range

0-7500 thru 0-15,000PSI: 2 x range

Accuracy (BFSL): +/- 0.5% of span (standard),   (incl. repeatability, hysteresis, and linearity):

Temperature: Compensated: +32 to 175 deg F, Effect: +/- 0.02% of span / deg F, Media: -22 to 212ºF (-30/100C) Ambient: -40 to 175ºF (-40 to 80ºC)

Certification: CE

All product configurations are not list on the web site, only the most popular.  If the product or option that you need is not listed. Please call IPS at 618-465-7623 to order the item.

 Diaphram Seals are useful to protect the sensor from the process media (chemical, abrasives, viscous, or crystallizing) and protect the process from the sensor (sanitary, high purity,clean-out  applications). Because of the many application considerations, IPS asks that you call us to assist you in identifying the proper diaphram seal for your application.


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