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NMTEDHR24018BC0 - Type R Thermocouple Element 24 Inch
NMTEDHR24018BC0 - Type R Thermocouple Element 24 Inch SKU:NMTEDHR24018BC0
Price: $510.14
Description and Specs
NMTEDHR24018BC0 - Type R Thermocouple Element Type R thermocouples use platinum conductor for the negitive conductor and a platinum?rhodium alloy for positive conductor. R type Thermocouples are among the most stable, but have lower sensitivity than other types.
Type R Thermocoulpes generate approximately 10 ?V/?C.
R Type thermocouples are usually used only for high temperature measurements due to their high cost and low sensitivity.
Temperature range for R Type Thermocouples:
-58?F to 3214?F (-50?C to 1768?C)

Thermocouple Type\Calabration: R
Insulator type: 2 hole 99.9% Alumina Tube
Insulator lenght: 24 inches
Lead length: 1.25 inches with fishspline beads and butt connectors

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