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Custom RTD Temperature Sensors
Custom RTD Temperature Sensors SKU:CUSTOM
Description and Specs
Industrial Process and Sensor offers RTDs in Styles ranging from a simple probe to the more complex multi-element RTDs. IPS can make any RTD element that fits your needs. Cant find exactly what your looking for? We can make exactly what you need in a timely manner

We have the capability to manufacture a wide range of RTD elements to match any spec or situation.
Thin Film RTDs
2, 3 and 4 wire RTD blubs
Single and Dual Element RTDs
Multi-Sensor Assemblys
5 Ohm Copper RTDs
10 Ohm Copper RTDs
100 Ohm Platinum RTDs
1000 Ohm Platinum RTDs
MgO Insulated RTDs
Bearing assembly RTDs
Stator Core Assemblys
and many more


  • RTDs in industrial applications are rarely used above 660 C. At temperatures above 660 C it becomes increasingly difficult to prevent the platinum from becoming contaminated by impurities from the metal sheath of the thermometer. This is why laboratory standard thermometers replace the metal sheath with a glass construction. At very low temperatures, say below -270 C (or 3 K), due to the fact that there are very few phonons, the resistance of an RTD is mainly determined by impurities and boundary scattering and thus basically independent of temperature. As a result, the sensitivity of the RTD is essentially zero and therefore not useful.
  • Compared to thermistors, platinum RTDs are less sensitive to small temperature changes and have a slower response time. However, thermistors have a smaller temperature range and stability.

  • Advantages of platinum resistance thermometers:

    • High accuracy
    • Low drift
    • Wide operating range
    • Suitable for precision applications

Tolerance Class Valid Range
Tolerance class F 0.3 -50 to +500 C
Tolerance class F 0.15 -30 to +300 C
Tolerance class F 0.1 0 to +150 C

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