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Custom Wire in Flexable Armor Cable
Specialty cables in flex armorX
Flexible Armor Cable
Our custom wire is manufactured to the highest quality; couple that with flexable conduit and you have a easy wire routing solution. Availiable in many configurations and sizes, call for a quote today.

From thermocouple wire:
KX-16-GGX -
Type K Thermocouple Extension Wire with Stainless Steel\Aluminum Armor
JX-16-GGX - Type J Thermocouple Extension Wire with Stainless Steel\Aluminum Armor
To Control and Hookup Wire:
CU-3C-16-GGX - 3 Conductor, 16 AWG copper leads for light hookups and other applications with Stainless Steel\Aluminum Armor

Plus many other configurations. Call today 618-465-7623 or send us an email: info2@ipscustom.com

For a drawing of the construction of this wire please CLICK HERE.

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