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Yokogawa UP350 Temperature Controller
Yokogawa UP350 Temperature Controller SKU: UP350
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Description and Specs
The 1/4 DIN Yokogawa UP350 temperature controller is a precision program controller, featuring two program profiles and universal input / output. For easy operation, this ramp-soak profiler is provided with a large display for process variables, two program operation keys, and a program reset key.

For excellent control, the Yokogawa UP350 temperature controller features auto-tuning PID control with the "SUPER" overshoot suppressing function and the "SUPER2" hunting suppressing function are available. The 1/4 DIN Yokogawa UP350 temperature controller also has a retransmission output and 15V DC loop power supply as standard.
Features of the Yokogawa UP350 Temperature Controller

* Extra-large digital display allows the indicated values to be read even from a long distance. LEDs of 20mm height are used for the process variable display.
* The Yokogawa UP350 temperature controller can store two program pattern types. Programmed operation can be started by using the two program operation keys on the front panel and terminated by using the reset key.
* Universal input and output enable users to set or change freely the type of measured inputs (thermocouple, RTD, or DCV), measurement range, type of control output (4 to 20 mA current, voltage pulse, or relay contact, etc. from the front panel.
* Parameters can be easily set using a personal computer. ("Parameter setting tool (model LL100)" sold separately is required.)
* Various communication function are provided. Communication is possible with personal computer, programable logic controller, and other controllers.

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