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The products listed represent only a small selection of the available IPS product line.
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Fluke Temperature \ Thermal
Non-Contact Thermometers and Calibrators
FLUKE FoodPro Plus Food Service Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE FoodPro Food Service Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 68 Intrinsically Safe (NIST Certified)
FLUKE 68 Intrinsically Safe
FLUKE 62 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 61 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 574-CF Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 574 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 572 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 568 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 568 (NIST Certified)
FLUKE 566 Infrared Thermometer (NIST Certified)
FLUKE 566 Infrared Thermometer
FLUKE 561 Infrared Thermometer (NIST Certified)
FLUKE 561 Infrared Thermometer

Extech IR Wide Range Thermometer Model 42515
Extech Non Contact IR Accessories
Extech Probe Extension Cable
Extech Voltage Adapters for Batteries
Extech No-380340 Battery Operated Datalogger and Program
Extech No-407999 Protective Rubber Holster
Extech Carrying Cases
Extech No-407000..Data Acquisition Software and cable
Extech Cable, analog Output for ProbeMeter Series

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