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Rosemount 5400 Series Superior 2-wire Radar Level Transmitters

Rosemount 5400 Series Superior 2-wire Radar Level Transmitters

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You cannot afford a single misstep in your process. That’s why we used our 30 years of proven radar expertise to design the new non-contacting Rosemount 5400 Series to focus your plant’s profitability. It delivers higher reliability, improved safety and requires less maintenance and configuration. As a result you will have reduced downtime and lower installation and operating costs.
* Maximum mounting and application flexibility is ensured with a wide range of antennas and two models with different microwave frequencies, 5401 (6 GHz) and 5402 (26 GHz)
* Dual Port Technology enables a stronger signal than other 2-wire radar transmitters, providing better measurement reliability.
* Condensation Resistant Antenna is much less susceptible to coating, increasing reliability and reducing maintenance
* Faster and simpler commissioning with the easy to use Measure-and-Learn functionality in the transmitter
* Circular Polarization reduces echoes from obstacles and tank walls
* Advanced transmitter software can be easily configured using the user-friendly software ”Rosemount Radar Master” (supplied free of charge)
* Easy integration into new or existing plants with a choice of FOUNDATION fieldbus with extensive support for PlantWeb® Alerts or 4-20 mA with superimposed HART®
These features and many more were developed with the customer’s bottom line in mind and make the Rosemount 5400 Series deliver like no 2-wire radar in history. In fact, it’s all that Emerson does best: innovation that delivers clear business results

Key Specifications
Measurement Principle  Pulsed, free propagating radar
5401: ~6 GHz
5402: ~26 GHz
Measuring Range  98 ft (30 m) from flange
Instrument Accuracy  5401: ±0.4 in (±10 mm)
5402: ±0.1 in (±3 mm)
Repeatability  ±0.04 in (±1 mm)
Output  4-20mA with superimposed digital HART® communication
Temperature/Pressure Rating  Refer to the Product Data Sheet
Ex-Approvals  Intrinsic safety or Explosion / Flame-proof (ATEX, CSA, IECEx, FM, ...)
Display  5-digit integral display (Optional)
Output Variables  Level, Distance, Volume, Level Rate, Signal Strength,
Housing Internal Temperature, Aout current and % of Range
Enclosure  Polyurethane-covered die-cast Aluminum or stainless steel housing with dual compartments.
Ingress Protection  Type 4X, IP66, IP67
Fieldbus Functionality Link-master device (backup LAS), Block Instantiation, PlantWeb Alerts, Methods
Fieldbus Blocks Resource
6xAnalog Input (30 ms)
PID (40 ms)
Arithmetic, Input Selector, Output selector (65 ms)
Signal Characterizer (75 ms)
Configuration Tools Radar Master, AMS, DeltaV, 275/375, or any other DD- or EDDL-compatible host.

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