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OEM Partners

Thanks to rapidly evolving technology, global competition and rising energy prices, the pace of doing business is faster and the stakes are higher than ever before. Only the best and fastest will capitalize on the opportunities of the new economy. Conventional paradigms of marketing system management are inadequate. As competition increases, today's OEM solutions must:

  • Increased Client Satisfaction
  • Reduce production downtime
  • Ensure system reliability
  • Increased Production Efficiency
  • Contain or reduce cost
  • Increased ROI
  • Increased Sales
  • Increased Profits

Design and Custom Engineering:

Industrial Process and Sensor shapes technology without forfeiting the "human in the loop". You can rely on IPS for unmatched custom engineering, technical assistance, control and courteous attention. We enjoy developing custom designs.

Industrial Process and Sensor offers customers Top Quality; Technical expertise; Reasonable Prices; & Short Delivery Time. These qualities have contributed to the growing number of satisfied customers and intensive global activities in our business.

Our employees work to benefit our customers by delivering quality workmanship with management attention to efficient, reliable and excellent products and services, and delivery "when you want it".

We test each product before it ever leaves the factory. Because of our strict quality control, we have virtually zero defectives. Through experience we have learned that manufacturing with high quality components and premium-grade materials help ensure that we will have no returns and allow us to sell premium quality products. Our low overhead allows us to sell below our competition. Our dedication to service and our low prices enable us to form long-term relations with our OEM partners that last for years. Our OEM partners know that as our costs decrease, we will pass along the savings, often lowering prices without being asked.

Industrial Process and Sensor's success is founded on honoring and maintaining ethical long-term relations with our OEM partners. Our strategy is to strengthen every business relationship while creating products that enable your products to function at the optimum level. IPS will actually increase your sales by offering competitive pricing and by staying at the forefront of new technologies. We work with our OEM partners to ensure that we are providing the correct products compatible with the latest technologies. Knowing that you are always getting a fair price and high-quality product allows your company to be one step ahead of your competitors.

Industrial Process and Sensor is owned and managed by experienced industry professionals and people who value long-term relations, not the quick-sale that so many other companies thrive on. IPS has factory partners with the same dedication we demand of ourselves. Anyone can assemble process and sensor products, but consistently providing high-quality products, excellent service, flexible shipping programs, and the latest technologies in process and control requires a true OEM partner.

IPS would love to have the chance to bid on your project. Whether you are still in the design phase, or in full mass-production, give IPS a chance to lower your product costs, and prove that our service is unmatched in the industry. Whether you are in wholesale or retail, need large quantities or small, require private label or OEM production, Industrial Process and Sensor is a perfect partner for your process and sensor needs. "We will do everything possible to be your favorite OEM partner. You have my word on that."

Joe Robinson

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